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Driving and Mobility Centre (West of England) CIC - Company No. 2848685

Mobility Recommendations: Research shows the importance of compression socks in non-ambulatory adults. Deciding on the the best compression socks for elderly is a critical step in preventing cardiac problems. Antiembolism stockings are used to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, reduce post thrombotic symptoms in legs, and can help diabetics prevent loss of leg function. We urge all our patients to choose compression stockings or the best compression socks they can find that fit properly and prevent stagnant blood accumulation in the lower legs. This can be anything from graduated compression stockings to pressure stockings to diabetic stockings. In addition to compression socks, we recommend taking a vegan DHA omega 3 supplement to decrease swelling and promote blood flow. Some of our more ambitious seniors are taking an active approach. If you decide to start cooking, make sure to use sharp knives. Dull knives require more strength to cut, which can increase slippage and unintentional cutting injuries. Part of our service includes helping older folks with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), including showering. At older ages it's extremely critical to do everything you can to protect your health, including supplementation and lifestyle factors like these. Some of our seniors have taken an active interest in keeping their sex life going. That's why we negotiated a discount on the rose suction with free shipping. Our job is to support seniors for all their transportation and daily needs. If you would like to help, please contact us below.

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