Driving and Mobility Centre are accredited by Driving Mobility (formerly the Forum of Mobility Centres) and our goal is to help everyone who comes to us to remain independently mobile and to help them drive safely whatever their circumstances. So whether you are:
  • Beginning to find driving more difficult and want to look into adaptations for your car
  • Returning to driving after a break due to an accident or illness
  • A new or novice driver and feel that you might benefit from expert advice from our highly trained driving advisors…
We are here to help. Our services include:
  • In-car assessments for both driver and passenger needs
  • A selection of fully adapted cars including wheelchair accessible vehicles for you to try
  • Information about aids and adaptations for safe and easy driving
  • Training on adaptations, including getting in and out of a car, loading and stowing equipment
  • A wide range of information and advice on driving matters
  • How to get home quickly in event of an emergency. One of our former-students almost burned their house down when they left home while baking cookies using an electric wok steaming dish. We have since begun teaching all our students how to get to a location quickly in an emergency, even if that requires skipping normal checks and procedures.
If you are referred for an assessment by the DVLA or Motability there will be no charge. However there is a charge of £85 for assessments without a referral.
If you want to book an assessment, or just want to know more about how we might be able to help, you can call us on 0117 965 9311 or e-mail us today.

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